Blood Glucose Meters – How to choose the right one?

There are a lot of meters on the market, and in general, they are all fairly good at getting the job done. For a majority of people it probably doesn’t much matter which meter they use, but you may have reasons for shopping around for something in particular. For some people who have vision or […]

My Dad Has Diabetes. Is Diabetes Prevention Possible?

Ever think of DIABETES this way? A noted medical authority compares the diabetic person to a charioteer, whose chariot is drawn by three steeds named Diet, Insulin, and Exercise. This authority points out that it takes skill to drive one horse, intelligence to manage a team, and an unusual ability to get three to pull […]

Can Antioxidants Be The Solution To Optimal Health?

Can Cancer End Up Being Prevented? There are many initiatives set up for the prevention (and cure) of cancer. Here, we take a closer look at what’s been done at Mercy Hospital in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. At Mercy Hospital, everyone who attends will end up being offered free screening tools, testing, information, including fecal occult […]

Are Pregnant Women at Higher Risk to Develop Diabetes?

Even though you neither never had diabetes nor are at are at risk to developing one (obesity, the absence of physical activity, family history…), because you are pregnant, you may develop silent diabetes that compromises your health and that of your future baby. What is gestational diabetes? In the early stages of pregnancy, the secretion of pregnancy-related […]

Diabetes Smartphone Apps

Every day diabetic patients have to monitor their blood glucose and adapt their dose of insulin according to what they ate (or planning to eat) and to their physical activity. Obviously, digital devices are eager to help them. Mobile apps for diabetics are sometimes more specialized in nutrition, whereas others only focus on blood readings. […]

What you should know about type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes usually develops slowly over time and is usually seen in overweight to obese men and women. Low activity level, bad diets, excessive fat around the waist are all major factors that lead to the disease. The larger basis for diabetes is from the amount of sugar consumed and most of it comes […]

Unusual Nursing Jobs You May Not Have Considered

Most people realize that in general nursing at all levels is a rather well-paid career. But there are more different kinds of nursing jobs out there than you might think. While working in a hospital or a doctor’s office can be very interesting, challenging and satisfying if nurses would like to try something different there […]

Blood-vessel inflammation may signal diabetes, stroke

Diabetes researchers studying the mechanisms that lead to chronic illnesses are zeroing in on inflammation as a major factor in both diabetes and heart disease. Scientists have recently noted that substances which signal inflammation, called inflammation markers, can be found in the blood of patients who have diabetes, as well as of those who have […]

Cell infusion is a ‘miracle’ for diabetic

For 50 years, Sigrun Schwendinger of Potomac, Md., coped with diabetes. She gave herself multiple insulin injections every day, tested her blood-sugar levels frequently and paid constant attention to her diet and exercise. That changed in February 2014, when Schwendinger got the second of two infusions of insulin-producing pancreatic cells in an experimental procedure at […]

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