Antioxidants, the Solution to Optimal Health?

Can Cancer End Up Being Prevented? There are many initiatives set up for the prevention (and cure) of cancer. Here, we take a closer look at what’s been done at Mercy Hospital in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. At Mercy Hospital, everyone who attends will end up being offered free screening tools, testing, information, including fecal […]

Diabetes Smartphone Apps

Every day diabetic patients have to monitor their blood glucose and adapt their dose of insulin according to what they ate (or planning to eat) and to their physical activity. Well, today there are some amazing Diabetes Smartphone Apps. Obviously, digital devices are eager to help them. Mobile apps for diabetics are sometimes more specialized […]

Cell Infusion is a ‘miracle’ for diabetics

For 50 years, Sigrun Schwendinger of Potomac, Md., coped with diabetes. She gave herself multiple insulin injections every day, tested her blood-sugar levels frequently and paid constant attention to her diet and exercise. That changed in February 2014, when Schwendinger got the second of two infusions of insulin-producing pancreatic cells in an experimental procedure at the […]

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