Fees for spousal coverage grow

Surcharges added for those who can get other insurance First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes spousal surcharges for health insurance? More U.S. workers will be paying them in 2018 as employers shift more costs to them — or to their spouses’ employers. Let’s look at how and why the fees for spousal coverage […]

Health threats: Who’s in charge?

Government and mixed messages  Let’s go back some 16 years and see what has changed since the Florida anthrax outbreak in 2001. It’s been indeed almost two decades, but almost a month after doctors diagnosed anthrax in a Florida man, White House officials were still trying to find a leader who can both inspire public trust […]

The diabetes way of life

Americans with disease learn to eat well, exercise Ted DeLeon’s family is plagued by diabetes on all sides. His parents, aunts and uncles and seven of nine siblings have it. Yet, when it came to him, he didn’t recognize it. This article addresses issues related to the diabetes way of life. “I was thirsty all the […]

Young type 2 diabetics face severe problems

The first long-term study of children diagnosed with type 2, or “adult-onset” diabetes, shows that as young adults, many suffer from severe complications, including kidney disease, miscarriages, and death. The fact of the matter is that young type 2 diabetics face severe problems. The study, though small, is ringing alarm bells for researchers here at […]

Cooking up a balance

New approaches help diabetics make tasty food Last year, in the middle of a teenage whirl of high school, friends, and sports, Emma Lowenstein’s life changed. The Chevy Chase, Md., teenager, now 15, was diagnosed with type 1, or juvenile, diabetes. Now, she needs to be cooking up a balance. Her mother says she never […]

Diabetes: a lesson in living

Diabetes can’t chill an adventurous Will Will Cross wants the world to know that diabetes doesn’t have to mean disability. To prove that, Cross, who was diagnosed 25 years ago at age 9 with type 1 diabetes, is getting ready to trek across the Antarctic to the South Pole. The expedition will set out in […]

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