Diabetes Smartphone Apps

Every day diabetic patients have to monitor their blood glucose and adapt their dose of insulin according to what they ate (or planning to eat) and to their physical activity. Well, today there are some amazing Diabetes Smartphone Apps.

Obviously, digital devices are eager to help them. Mobile apps for diabetics are sometimes more specialized in nutrition, whereas others only focus on blood readings. And what if diabetics could benefit from the best of both worlds??

Diabetes comes from an impaired blood glucose regulation resulting in increased blood glucose concentration. This increase, in turn, leads to the various dangerous symptoms and complications of diabetes.

The two types of diabetes are commonly treated by insulin injections and a balanced diet. The challenge for diabetic patients is to adapt in real time the doses of insulin to their present blood glucose level, carbohydrate and physical activities.

The merit of apps for diabetics is to provide a convenient and handy tool for entering this information, processing it and help to come to a decision with regards to how much insulin should be necessary and when to inject it.

These apps should not replace the doctor’s advice but complement it and give the diabetic patient more comfort in the management of their diabetes.

We have selected here e few apps that not only help assess the quantity of carbs provided by a given meal, but also help the diabetic with her insulin injections.


Glooko is a Silicon Valley startup that specializes in diabetes management. It provides mobile apps, a sync cable that connects to their proprietary glucometers and a web dashboard solution for giving access to doctors about their diabetic patients’ data and readings.

The iPhone app allows uploading blood sampling readings from around 30 different glucometers on the market. And then visualize blood glucose levels in many ways including a graph. See also this nursing job post.

It helps calculate carbohydrates intake from a built-in food database. It keeps track of treatments, diet and physical activities. All these data can be synchronized with other Glooko devices. See also this Cell Infusion article. 


Developed by Sanofi, a well-known pharmaceutical company, iBGStar is more than an iPhone app. It is a device that reads directly the in-house blood glucose test strips. It can be connected to an iPhone or an iPod that records the data about blood sampling.

The app produces very nice graphs and allows sharing information with the healthcare team. It keeps tracks of insulin doses and carbohydrates intakes.



Glucose Buddy

This smartphone app is not in connection with another external device but gives you the option of storing all relevant data that you need to manage your diabetes illness.

You have the option to enter all glucose readings, your insulin dosages, and to calculate your ingested carbohydrates. You may additionally measure your weight’s evolution, your blood pressure data, and track and store data on your exercises.

The simple screen design additionally makes that this app is extremely simple to use. You may easily get the hang of it and continuously enter all of your data.



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