Unusual Nursing Jobs You May Not Have Considered

Most people realize that in general nursing at all levels is a rather well-paid career. But there are more different kinds of nursing jobs out there than you might think. So let’s highlight a few unusual Nursing Jobs you may not have considered.

While working in a hospital or a doctor’s office can be very interesting, challenging and satisfying if nurses would like to try something different there are other kinds of nursing jobs out there that they can use to expand their career horizons. Here is a little about just a few of them:

Travel Nursing – If you are the kind of person who always dreamed of spending a lot of time traveling and experiencing life in new places then travel nursing jobs may just be the right choice for you. These nursing jobs see nurses travel to fill short-term vacancies in facilities all over the country, usually for just a few months at a time before they move on to the next assignment. The pay varies quite a great deal but usually, a travel nurse will be paid at a slightly higher rate than his or her peers and will also often receive an extra stipend to help with living costs.

These nursing jobs are great for young nurses who have yet to have too many other commitments in life (spouse, children, etc) but there are those nurses who choose to do this kind of work for many years because they simply like experiencing new environments and new challenges all the time.

Legal Consult Nursing – If a nurse has the minimum of an RN with a BSN and has several years of work experience under their belt nursing jobs in the legal consulting field are another more unusual option. Legal consult nurses are employed by lawyers to give medical advice and opinions in malpractice, accident and injury cases. Usually becoming a legal consult nurse also involves taking a fairly short legal education class as well but once that requirement is met these nursing jobs practically offer nurses the chance to work in two exciting fields, medical and legal.

Flight Nursing – Another option for those looking for more unusual nursing jobs is flight nursing. These nurses work with airborne medical teams, the kind that usually airlift people from accident scenes to a medical facility or for patients whose condition calls for a faster mode of transportation than by a traditional ambulance. In order to work as a flight nurse in addition to having several years of nursing experience behind them, candidates must also receive additional training in advanced life support techniques and in trauma and emergency medicine.

Insurance Nurse – A growing number of insurance companies are employing nurses, usually registered nurses, to work for them full time providing both by telephone, and sometimes virtual, medical advice for the company’s healthcare insurance subscribers. Nurses are also employed by insurance companies to perform case reviews if there is an issue with treatment coverage. These types of nursing jobs are increasing in number and are often attractive to nurses who would like to work s steadier hours than many other nursing jobs offer.

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